Interpipe has 5 efficient mills, which are integrated in full-cycled vertical structure.

Interpipe VTORMET

Scrap Metal Processing Plant
Annual capacity: 1,35 mln tons
Network: 11 sites in 7 regions of Ukraine 
Equipment: Senneboghen, "AKROS HENSCEL" (Germany), hydraulic press cutters (Europe)

Interpipe STEEL

Modern state-of-the-art greenfield electric steel melting complex
Investment: 700 million USD

Annual capacity: 1.32 million tons of round billets
Equipment: "Danieli" (Italy)

Interpipe NIKO TUBE

Interpipe NIKO TUBE specialises on production of seamless pipes under national and international standards for petroleum refining, petrochemical, aircraft, and shipbuilding industries, mechanical engineering and instrument making, oil and gas and power industries, and general application pipes, used in other industries.

Production facilities:
- Continuous tube-rolling mill (diameter – 32.0 – 114.3 mm, wall thickness – 2.5 – 14.0 mm);
- Plug mill (diameter – 159.0 – 325.0 mm, wall thickness – 6.0 – 40.0 mm);
- Threaded pipe finishing floor (diameter – 42.0 – 146.0 mm, wall thickness – 4.5 – 9.0 mm).

Interpipe NTRP

Interpipe NTRP specializes on the production of seamless pipes for extraction and transportation of oil and gas industry products; special application pipes for mechanical engineering and power industry; general application pipes, used in other industries; and wheels and tires for the railway transport.

Production facilities:
- Non-destructive testing line (for ultrasonic,  eddy-current, and magnetic particle inspection);
- Coupling production and non-destructive testing lines;
- Tube-rolling shop with a Plug mill (pipe diameters from 73 to 178 mm);
- Tube-rolling shop with a Pilger rolling mill (pipe diameters from 168 to 426 mm);
- Tube-rolling shop with an Assel mill (pipe diameters from 76 to 203 mm);
- Wheel-rolling shop (diameters from 700  to 1262 mm);
- Ring and tire line (diameters from 650 to 1250 mm).​

Interpipe NMPP

Interpipe NMPP focused on production of steel electric-welded pipes, made with submerged arc welding under a flux layer; pipes for gas- and oil-trunk pipeline, produced with high-frequency induction welding; and general application pipes, used in other industries.

Production facilities:

- “1020” shop for production of 1020 (1016) mm diameter pipes with 9-15 mm wall thickness, made with submerged arc welding under a flux layer;
- “159-529” shop for production of 159 – 530 mm diameter pipes with 4.5 – 10 mm wall thickness, made with high-frequency induction welding;
- “20-76” shop (4 mills) for production of 20 – 114 mm carbon steel pipes with 2 – 4 mm wall thickness, as well as shaped pipes with dimensions from 17х17 to 100х80 mm and 2 – 4 mm wall thickness.